If you are a business that has been forced to close under the Tier system or operate very differently to normal, or you are a supply chain whose customers have been forced to close, then make sure you check if you are eligible for the local or additional restrictions grant with your local council.


If you haven’t already, the local restrictions grant or additional restrictions grant for most councils the applications for these grants are now live. You can check your eligibility on the .gov website here.

I explain it in more detail on my latest video here:

For us in the Derbyshire Dales, these applications went live last week, 26th November here.

The local restrictions grant is for businesses with properties with a rateable value who have been forced to close due to restrictions. You are able to apply for a grant of up to £3000 depending on your rateable value. The grants range from £1000 to £3000 and it does not matter if you pay rates or not. If you get small business relief, these grants will still be paid to the person responsible for these rates on your rates bill.

If you haven’t been forced to close but if you are in a supply chain where your customers have been forced to close, you can still put in an application under the additional restrictions grant.

Both the local restrictions grant and the additional restrictions grant are national grants. Check out your local authority council website and they will show you how to apply for either of these grants.

The application date will differ by each local authority so make sure you check your own council website for the specifics for your area.

Please register for either of these grants if you are eligible and you feel it is applicable to you and your business.