Autumn is our favourite season, the turn from the warmer summer months lends a cosiness to the cooler days and darker evenings. Plus, Bake Off is back!

In our latest blog, we explore some of the reasons that we love Autumn, and how it could be the best season for you AND your business…



It’s The Perfect Time to Have a Reset

The habits we pick up as kids are habits many of us keep – and, from the age of five, September symbolised a renewal. It meant back to school; a time to start over and refocus, and new stationary! Many of us still have that silent September alarm bell, we might not be at school, but the mentality stays the same.

Your reset doesn’t need to be an enormous personal or business upheaval, a simple mental reset can be more than enough. One way to think about this is to mentally wind the clock forward to the end of the year. Picture yourself looking back over the last few months (September to December) and ask yourself “in order to feel satisfied with the last part of 2022, what will I need to have done?”.

For some of us, you may be happy continuing the way you currently are, others however may take a moment to reflect and consider that they aren’t where they want to be right now. If this is you, now is the perfect time to set some goals around achieving that.

Take the opportunity to make small changes now and you won’t have any regrets about the ending of another year!

We’ve Got Our Routines Back!

After a summer of holidays, both family and school, it feels good to know that we’re all rested and ready to get a structure to our days again. The team are all settling down into their new roles and, whilst we are still very busy, we can actually make time for rest and life admin!

Autumn is a great time to reflect and reap the rewards of a busy summer. This is our time to start tying up any loose ends, and can also be a great opportunity to invest in training, new business software or even coaching during a quieter period.


Staying In is the New Going Out

Another of the top reasons why autumn is the best season is because staying in on a Saturday night is actually considered acceptable.

If you tell friends or colleagues that you’re staying in on a weekend in the summer, they make think you’ve gone mad! There’s so much more time for activities, BBQs and beer gardens!

However, when it’s autumn, you tend to find that everyone else is just as happy cosying up at home.

Autumn nights are perfect for self-care, staying indoors and snuggling with a blanket and a hot water bottle while watching binge-watching a fabulous new series – bliss!


You Are More Productive in Autumn

Surveys have shown that, for many of us, the most productive season is Autumn, with October being the most productive month of the year, closely followed by November and September.

The cooler weather makes for great workplace productivity as we’re not tempted by the summer sun and longing to take a walk outside, ditch the Zoom calls for a beach day or being distracted by the need for endless trips to the freezer for an ice lolly! Make the most of your productivity now and set in place systems that will make your life easier when the winter months kick in – a notoriously less productive time.


Let’s Have a Chat!

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