We have been offering a new service since January to our clients that is helping them to focus on long term goals and how we can achieve those by creating achievable targets each month. Have you ever heard of strategy boards? In this blog we discuss how these can help you to turn your business dreams into a reality…

As many of our clients know, we have changed the way we work with our clients recently. Abby has taken on the role of monthly calls with clients for their “bread and butter” financial updates and founder Helen is taking more of a “bigger picture” role with clients.

Part of this “bigger picture” planning has included the use of Strategy Boards and so far we feel that they’ve been a roaring success.


What Is a Strategy Board?

Imagine the old school flipcharts where you’d create a flowchart of where you wanted to be and plan how you’d get there. Simple, yes?

Well, we’ve taken this idea and used it to create a long term vision board of where you see yourself and your business in 5, 10 or even 40 years time. How do those milestones look for you? Do you want to still be running your business but taking more foreign holidays a year, do you want to have sold the business and be living it up on a yacht? Or do you want to earn a passive income and have more time to spend with your loved ones?

By looking at where you want to be at those times and assessing where you are now, we can create realistic monthly targets to help you to grow and reach those long term goals in an achievable way.


What Is It That You Want?

We ask this question to our clients on a regular basis because, let’s face it, our wants and needs can change pretty quickly!

The important thing is to choose the goal that really stands out to you. For example if you want to start planning a family in the next few years and want to take advantage of a maternity leave, we need to plan how you can create the income level you need and have someone well placed to take care of the running of the business whilst you take care of any new arrivals.

By focussing on that one aspect for now, (the yacht can come later) we can create monthly goals to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.


How Do We Get There?

Firstly we will create an outline plan which includes “where you are now”. We will chat about the business and work through the numbers you need to get to where you want to be.

Taking the maternity/ paternity leave example, you will look at what your income is now, then how much you will need to increase your business to allow for another team member to take over from you, whilst still affording yourself your desired income.

We will create a plan that includes specifics to allow you to measure and track your progress towards your goal. The great part about creating goals for your own business is that you can start now, and tailor it to fit your needs. Your meetings with Helen can allow you to adapt your plan as necessary – whilst consistency is paramount to hitting targets we understand that sometimes you need to be flexible about the actions but not the goal.


Are You Ready For a New Strategy?

If you’re ready to start growing your business and making your dreams a reality, get in touch with us! We love to help our clients manage their business finances and enjoy life a little more! Contact us to arrange a time to chat.