In this live interview, we chatted to Sarah Hattersley, director of Hattersley Wines about how the pandemic affected the wine business and how the whole team collaborated to get creative and pivot in the pandemic.


Hattersley Wines had to get clever when COVID19 hit. Their team collaborative approach allowed them to pivot in such creative ways.

We wanted to share their story in this live interview with Sarah Hattersley, director at Hattersley Wines in Bakewell and Helen from Insight Finance Solutions. Interviewed by broadcaster Gemma Ray.


Hattersley Wines & Insight Finance Solutions

How one Bakewell business got clever and creative in the pandemic

Gepostet von Insight Finance Solutions am Montag, 29. Juni 2020


Some of the awesome social media posts created by the Hattersley team in lockdown, including great product placement with the dogs too:



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