What makes you happy in your business? Grab a cuppa, have a read and take a minute to focus on the positive in your business.


Our Clients – They’re Amazing!

We feel so lucky to work with an abundance of people all over the world and help them make sense of the financial landscape. Each of our clients are unique and we work on a very personal and bespoke level with each one. They continue to inspire us every single day. They’re courageous, passionate and fun! (Yes, even discussing finances and pouring over Excel can be fun – we promise!)


No matter how much we love WHAT we do, it wouldn’t work if our clients were obtrusive or didn’t engage. We are so lucky that WHO we do our business with is the most important part of our work. We believe that like attracts like and we have attracted some wonderful clients into our working lives.


Seeing clients grow, change and believe in themselves as they reverse years of money blocks and barriers makes this job very special.


Breaking Down Barriers and Finding Solutions

Sometimes our work makes us feel like a respected teacher as we teach our clients different aspects of finance. We see the penny drop and suddenly the complications of money lift and shift.


We may break down mindset barriers or practical blocks. This might involve guiding clients through the VAT threshold, helping them through the financial challenges of finding new premises or finding the right payment provider.


It brings us great joy to problem solve for our clients and know that with every solution, we reduce that stress a little more each time.


Freedom and Flexibility

The working world continues to change. Advances in modern technology allows us to have clients in America and places like Cyprus – because the tech allows us to connect instantly.


Gone are the days of needing a high street location for providing accountancy advice. In turn this reduces overheads and allows us to provide a service at a very competitive cost.


The other great thing about working as a virtual finance manager is we get to be location independent. At the moment for me that means I get to work from home and still tend to my newborn son. My husband has taken extended parental leave so I regularly take breaks from my work with clients and am 30 seconds away from the people I love most in the world. I feel extremely blessed to not only be able to do this myself, but offer the same working arrangements to my staff. This creates a wonderful human balance in business.



Changing the Stereotype of Accountants

Nope, no pinstripe suits here! Accountants have always traditionally been viewed as very corporate beings. You might have used the services of a traditional accountant in the past. You’ve probably had one meeting over a large mahogany boardroom table and the rest of your contact is you handing over a shoe box of receipts and being told what tax to pay. (Usually followed by huge panic at wondering if you saved enough tax over the year to cover the tax return amount!).


While we do still partner with high street accountants (we don’t submit tax returns at Insight Finance Solutions) we help our clients with the right up to date numbers and information to compile their own tax return with ease. Alternatively, we also provide a year-round in-depth financial service that means clients submit accurate information to their accountants for rapid tax submission.


I very much believe that our down-to-earth non-corporate approach breaks down barriers and creates some wonderful relationships with clients. We are regarded as trusted confidantes and advisors which opens up honest conversations. Many clients have been intimidated by accountants in the past – scared to ask questions for fear of looking stupid. Our working relationship with clients and our calls every month builds that trust so no questions are stupid and we can work on educating to empower.



Expressing my Creativity

I’ve wanted to be an accountant all my life, since I was 9 years old. Yes, I know, I’m that sad! So while I am happiest and most comfortable nose deep in a spreadsheet I also have a very creative and intuitive side.


This business allows me to tap into my empathetic nature to delve into the psyche of a client and really help them lift psychological money blocks. This often means I will articulate stories and examples in a very creative format, using lots of analogies. I find this process very creative. I am able to take money blocks that appeared in childhood, describe them as metaphors or analogies and who clients how these childhood blocks now show up in their adult lives and in their businesses. My calls with clients often have so many breakthrough moments and this gives me such a sense of job satisfaction.


So that’s my roundup on what makes me happy in my work at Insight Finance Solutions. What about you? What makes you happy?


If your business finances don’t feature on your happy at work list, why not arrange a chat? I don’t say it lightly or exaggerate when I say that we take our clients from fearing their finances to finding them fun and exciting. yes, it’s true! Finances can be fun when you face them head on with the support and help of a trusted chartered accountancy advisor.


If you’d like to make your business finances a lot happier, let’s arrange a chat soon.